SOLUZZIONA A Friendly Hand

The globalisation of all kind of human relationships, and basically, those relating to companies movements, and their internationalisation, has not been accompanied by the necessary instruments to develop the potentialities of each one so as to be known by other parties, even if he is in the opposite side of the world.


We need specialists to extend links between parties having common interests, but are not able to meet in order to develop their capacities.


We need those specialists who extend their hand to help the others.


This is our principle: To be a friendly hand.


Our specific purpose is to mediate between international companies in achieving their business. This intervention consists in mediating in the preliminary management of rapprochement between the interested parties, projects definition, and acquisition of initial commitments by means of acts of intention followed by negotiations concluding in contracts.


Even though this procedure is inspired in a practice which is very usual in the American market and not very developed in Europe, in fact it is innovative by the adaptability of its procedures to all commercial cultures, including the very enthusiastic European culture which is based on the intervention by proxy, or on the interested parties’ direct intervention.


The advantage for the parties lies precisely in the previous selection that takes place, where the future negotiators avoid unnecessary frictions, waste of time, and make no comment that may cause pre-contract responsibilities very common in such business practices.


It also forces each intervening party to make a prior and serious effort, in relation to his interest, in order to avoid hesitations that in many occasions make the conclusion of business very difficult.


Finally, and not less important, the confidentiality in all these contacts remains totally guaranteed. The intervening parties are never known, unless it is strictly necessary, avoiding thus rumours that in more than one occasion ruin or make difficult, negotiations that might have been successfully ended up.


As a support for operations being managed, Soluzziona offers the widest range of relationships with first class financial entities both nation and worldwide in order to speed up its execution.


As a result of its operations concerning the realisation of real estate assets, Soluzziona also deals with the purchase of these assets and their eventual financial management.


Particularly and for important companies of the real estate/construction sector we provide advising, planning and operations execution, or real estate/urban investments, fiscal planning, negotiation, and worldwide contracts drawing up.


It is the basic purpose of Soluzziona by means of its specific procedure. To internationalise the company covering all the required aspects: legal, technical, financial and direct support.


Specifically, the legal, fiscal and financial conception, of merger and split operations, joint ventures, AIE, companies purchase and direct support in the negotiations.


Soluzziona  staff has a very flexible structure in accordance with nowadays demands. That is why, there is a permanent group made up by lawyers, computer scientists, translators, and administrative staff. And in collaboration with this permanent staff, there is a group of selected professionals involved according to their speciality in each of the business that is being managed.


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